Tiong Bahru Community Centre


Eu Chin Street, Singapore


BCA Green Mark Award (Gold) for Non-Residential Building

Tiong Bahru Community Centre (CC) is nestled within the pre-war residential estate in close proximity to the Tiong Bahru Market. The existing CC consists of two 2-storey blocks which are separated by the open-air basketball court.

The façade design of the blocks are distinctly different from each other with very limited frontage to the main roads.

With the gentrification of the Tiong Bahru district, the CC has undergone a facelift to house more commercial spaces catering to the youths and yuppies. To retain its old world charm, the existing bomb shelter built in the 1950s was retained and retrofitted to house new modern spaces like a culinary studio and café. This creates a unique blend of the new and old, echoing the changes with time.

Spaces are opened up for generous natural ventilation, lighting and view of the outdoor spaces. The subtle weaving of interior and external spaces through screening and layering encourages more activities and spaces to flow and spillover into the outdoor open spaces where varying scales of activities can be held at different times of day, creating a vibrant community hub in the Heritage district of Tiong Bahru.