The Company

3PA is our pledge and design philosophy Architecture is for the People of all, Places of living, and Progress of mankind.

Corporate History

The company was founded in 1987 as 3P Architects. It was renamed as 3PA International in 2008 in its efforts to venture into the worldwide arena. Our latest effort in rebranding aims to reflect our continuous growth and maturity through the years. As of 1 July 2016, 3PA International has been corporatized and renamed as “3PA Pte Ltd”.

As a full-fledged consultancy firm, 3PA has the full competency to handle a diverse range of projects. These include architectural design, feasibility studies, master planning, interior design and project management. Its comprehensive portfolio includes commercial, conservation, civic, residential, industrial, transport, institutional, religious, mixed-use developments as well as interior and urban design.

Design Philosophy

At 3PA, it is important to continue the lineage and brand name that aligns with our commitment to design while ensuring a high degree of recognition among our business contacts.

3PA is our pledge and design philosophy – Architecture is for the People of all, Places of living, and Progress of mankind. This fosters our vision and motivates our mind towards continuous innovation as we challenge ourselves in an ever-changing landscape.

Sustainable Design

Riding at the forefront of the eco-design and universal design (UD) highway, 3PA offers holistic solutions to integrated and complex design challenges. We believe in designing with nature; working with the existing natural heritage and resources to value-add and create new experiences and space for each project.

To better achieve innovative green design, our pool of architects and designers undergo Green Mark training. The numerous Green Mark Awards we have garnered over the years are testimony to our vision. To grow our partnership with the green fraternity, we have renewed our commitment and attained the Architectural certification with Singapore Green Building Council in 2016.

Designing for all, our projects create inclusive environment for users with different abilities and physical well-being. This is the fundamental principle of UD design. We also embrace and invest heavily in the latest technology and upskilling. Building Information Modeling (BIM) integration for our projects has been adopted since 2013 and the firm is now fully equipped to collaborate with fellow consultants and builders on the VDC platform.

Through the years, 3PA has achieved distinctions in building quality controls. All recent projects have attained high CONQUAS (BCA) scoring and have also met Quality Mark (BCA) standard. The firm is also ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified.