Tampines Green Spring & Tampines North Masterplan


Tampines North, Singapore

Tampines Green Spring is envisioned as a sanctuary for the new growth and rejuvenation, and new beginnings as heralded by Spring.

In another meaning, Spring also refers to the trajectory of bicycles trailing the undulating tracks in the current Bike Park, memory that should be retained as part of place-making in the new Tampines North Masterplan.

Derived from the urban design concept, the undulating green corridors glow in parallel across the development, seamlessly linking all blocks and communal facilities. This pattern is further reinforced as the vein structure of a leaf to unify with the overall theme of the Tampines Town Masterplan. A branching network disseminates from the central green spine linking the Common Green directly to all

areas in the precinct and beyond the boundaries to the future landscape plaza in adjacent development.

The rugged undulating terrain that echoes the aesthetics of sand dunes in quarries of old Tampines is re-interpreted as part of the building façade and crowning design to make new connections to its rich industrial history. Pixelated leaf vein patterns adorn the gable-end walls to create a distinctive precinct identity that is easily appealing and unique to our proposed development.