Senja Parc View


Senja Road, Singapore


BCA Universal Design Mark Award (Gold Plus);

BCA Green Mark Award (Gold) for Residential Building;

BCA Green Mark Award (Gold Plus) for New Parks;

NPB Landscape Excellence Assessment Framework (LEAF) Award;

PUB ABC Waters Certification;

SILA Award for Residential Category (Merit)

Set amidst the lush greenery of Bukit Panjang, Senja Parc View is a new public housing development with a Neighbourhood Park seamlessly integrated to the north of the development. The 3 residential blocks of 29/27/27 storeys are located at the site peripheral to free up a generous landscaped communal plaza.

Weaving storytelling throughout the park journey, the Constellation plaza serves both as the starting point and village centre of the precinct. The “Draco” rain garden at park entrance invites visitors to meander up through mature trees to the peak of the park, culminating in a tree-top panorama at the floating boardwalk.

The full experience of the green and wildlife corridor is further enhanced by linking the park to the MSCP roof garden via a barrier-free skybridge, extending the illusion of a complete immersion in Nature