Punggol Northshore Coral View


Punggol North, Singapore

Conceptualised as a sea-sculpted marine community, Northshore Coral View is embraced by a unique landscape inspired by coral reefs and panorama of sea view.

Rising from the lush greenery are 4 blocks of 2/3/4/5 room units sculpted in the form of a “man-made” coral reef, creating a seamless harmony with the sea, sky and nature. The translation of organic and modular coral patterns into façade treatment provides a distinct precinct identity and heralds one’s arrival into Punggol Northshore district.

Balconies are provided to all units facing the sea and there is no West-facing unit in the development. A basement carpark serves all blocks and offers full pedestrian links under shelter.

The central plaza is anchored by a prominent 12m high sculptural marker, visible from the sea, park and to all sides of the adjacent developments to provide good orientation and wayfinding.

A district level elevated pedestrian network runs through the site and connects to the LRT station and precincts beyond. Emulating the close-knitted symbiotic community of the coral reef.