Waterway Delta & Waterway Sunrise


Punggol Waterway, Singapore

Amazed by the wide expanse of water, sky and nature, the new waterfront developments at Punggol Delta and Punggol Sunrise draws inspiration from the Chinese landscape painting, or “Shanshui” as the design driver to complement the idyllic concept of “Green Living by the Waters”.

In the layout for all three developments, the heart is centred on Serangoon Reservoir, where Nature’s stage unfolds its diverse manifestations with the everchanging time and weather. Wide green corridors and view vistas are orchestrated to draw viewers towards the Water.

The residential blocks are seamlessly harmonised into this temporal landscape through repeating vertical elements that flow into the Water and rise into the Sky. The screen-like curtain facades emulate the concept of a bird-watching enclave, offering privacy to the residents while marvelling at the rich biodiversity of the river-delta wonderland. Two sky decks on both sides of the Punggol Waterway forms the arching gateway to announce the beginning of the waterway.

Nature is interspersed in the meandering “mountain ridges-valley” form through lush landscaping on sky decks and roof gardens at varying levels. Towards the waterfront, roof gardens cascade down in climatic fashion to offer panoramic views and a perfect location to enjoy the sunrise and Nature in its most pristine state.

The large pockets of greenery integrate with existing greenery and cycling network. Thematic routes offer a wide variety of recreational, communal spaces and outdoor classroom experience for visitors to ponder, respect and be absorbed in the tranquil spectacle of Nature.