Waterway Mangroves


Punggol East, Singapore

Waterway ManGroves is envisioned as a ECO-precinct which embodies the theme of mangrove as an intrinsic heritage of Punggol to raise awareness for conservation of nature, to promote environmental stewardship and a deeper appreciation of the rich history of Punggol.

Consisting of 9 blocks of 4/8/10/18 storeys, most of the blocks are oriented in the dominant North-South facing direction to minimise exposure to the Western sun and to allow maximum views to the waterway, tributary and landscaped decks. Balconies are also provided to all units facing the tributary and waterway for enjoyment of the surrounding greenery and waterscape.

A 7 storey MSCP with roof garden is located next to the proposed semi-highway to serve as a buffer against environmental pollution. A network of covered linkways completes the full sheltered and barrier-free connection of all blocks, amenities and the future bus-stop.

A linear landscaped deck extends the future landscaped corridor of the adjacent development, forming a commanding visual corridor with lush greenery and recreational amenities that unfold as one journeys through the development. The deck also connects all the blocks seamlessly   to  the  street  level,    arrival  drop-off   points,

recreational amenities and social communal facilities, carparks, and the waterway promenade.

In addition, the floating wetlands provide water cleansing treatment through phyto-remediation and enhance biodiversity by attracting wildlife species like birds, insects and fishes to the waterway. Visitors can also learn about the native mangrove fauna such as mudskippers and small freshwater tilapia. In addition, the emergent plants cultivated on these wetland systems improve the ambience and enhance the visual appeal of the water body.

In Waterway ManGroves, the underlying principles behind mangrove conservation and its strong adaptability to survive different environments, and between land and water, is fully embraced to establish a closer link between human, nature and water. Thus, reinforcing the overall Punggol Waterway and WaterTown MasterPlan concept.