Kreta Ayer Community Club


Kreta Ayer Road, Singapore

Kreta Ayer Community Club (CC) is located on a unique site accessible by a labyrinth of elevated walkways connecting to old HDB blocks. In her heydays, the CC has served as a meeting point for residents living in the area.

Being surrounded by mature estates, the design aims to rejuvenate the existing amenities offered and enhance inclusiveness for the various communities in the area. The community club was designed with an open plan approach. Multiple functions are planted along a main thoroughfare, drawing greater participation by allowing activities to extend into public spaces. The spaces were also designed to be barrier free, seamlessly connecting the development to the surrounding estates.

Care was taken to ensure that sustainable design practices

were employed whenever possible. Energy saving fixtures were used and passive features such as skylights were integrated to bring in natural lighting to common areas.

The community club houses both social and commercial activities, to keep it vibrant in both day and night. Key improvements were made to the building’s entrance for a better sense of arrival. It is envisioned that the rejuvenated CC will be a great draw to both the residents and tourists and establish Kreta Ayer CC as the new Cultural-Heritage landmark in Chinatown.