JTC Metals-Machinery-Timber Hub



3PA in collaboration with AECOM will develop a holistic design solution that is responsive to JTC’s development vision for the development of the Metals-Machinery- Timber (MMT) Hub to support companies in the MMT industry.

The proposed MMT Hub is designed with high technical specifications to replicate land-based environment in a multi-users high-rise facilities with modular size factory units and high flexibility to combine and cater to changing demands.

Our vision for the JTC MMT Hub is to create a Green Oasis, with lush tropical setting and welcoming and intuitive landscape. A place with a variety of flexible outdoor open spaces, well shaded and to give users multiple experience across the day for activities during or after work. This park-like setting will also enhance the interaction between the users and create a healthier environment to work and play.

The green fabric will celebrate environmental values by incorporating a wide range of sustainability initiatives. These will include rain gardens and bioswales, use of native species, green walls and green roofs, recyclable materials, etc. The overall landscape fabric will become a living organism that with minimum maintenance can last for generations.

The MMT Hub will become the regional Integrated Lifestyle Hub for the industrial zone, redefining the traditional typology of the workplace. Through innovative green features and smart building system, the MMT Hub will set the benchmark for new industrial development for heavy industries in its thrust towards a user-friendly landscape, with adaptive facilities and social engagement of its working community and beyond to build an inclusive and welcoming work-play environment.